Data Protection Policy

We appreciate your visit to our website and your interest in our products and services. Proper handling of your information with due regard to your personal rights as well as observance of your right to informational self-determination when using your personal data is a major concern to us. Collection, processing and use of your personal data conform to relevant legal provisions, particularly to European data protection directives and their implementation in national laws. INTENSIO reserves the right to adapt this privacy policy to amended statutory provisions and regulations at any time. Please keep up with changes to our privacy policy by accessing it on our website using the appropriate link.

Personal Data

Personal data makes it possible to determine the identity of a natural person. This includes a person’s name, date of birth, address, and e-mail address. If we are unable to draw any conclusions about such circumstances or if we require a disproportionate amount of time and effort to do so (e.g. because your data has been made anonymous), the data is not classed as personal data.

Scope of Data Collection and Processing

To use our website there is generally no need to specify personal information. You are only required to provide personal data when you contact us via this website, for instance to request information or arrange for a live presentation. At this point, you, as the person responsible for initiating contact, are requested to disclose personal data to us. Without knowing about your identity, we would not be able to respond to your query or render the services requested. It is your free choice to contact us via this website on behalf of your company and disclose personal data to us.

In accordance with the principle of data reduction and data economy, we only collect and save personal data if this is absolutely necessary in order to meet your specific requests and provided that you have freely submitted the data. We use your personal details to process your orders, answer your queries, give you access to special information and offers, and to provide you with special services.

Utilization and dissemination of Personal Data

We only process your personal data for the purposes stated on this data protection information page and to provide you with the INTENSIO website as part of our full range of services or to respond to your request for contact. We do not analyze any of your personal data. Furthermore we only collect, store and use personal data as necessary if this is required for the protection of the legitimate business interests of INTENSIO and after careful consideration of the interests of all parties concerned. We will only disclose personal data submitted to business partners as required for the handling of your order. We will not disclose your personal data to third parties or sell it on to commercial users. Any such disclosure would require your explicit consent. In the event that any personal data is transferred to third parties, this is always done in compliance with all applicable legal provisions. The scope of the information transferred is limited to what is absolutely necessary to achieve the purpose for transferring this data.


Cookies are small text-based files we store on your end device via your browser. They serve the purpose of providing you with a better user experience. The cookies used for this website are short-term cookies that are valid for the duration of the session only (“session cookies”) and automatically deleted from your end device once you leave the website. Cookies are free of viruses and do not cause any harm to your end device. No personal data is stored in the cookies used on this website.

Security of your data

The information provided by you is protected by us using appropriate technical and organizational means to avoid their loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons due to accidental or intentional manipulation. Our security measures are subject to ongoing monitoring and improved in line with technological developments and organizational possibilities.

Further Declaration of Data Protection

Responsible Office

The responsible office for data protection is the company specified in the imprint. The company is solely responsible for the websites published on the domains and It is not responsible, however, for our partners’ websites that links on our website may point to.

Linked Pages

The respective partner companies are responsible for the data protection on the linked websites. For further information how they process your personal data, see the information in the imprint or the privacy statement of the linked website. To exercise your right of information to access, rectify, erase or block the stored data, contact the corresponding partner’s Office.

Right of Access to Information

You are entitled to request INTENSIO to provide information about your stored personal data free of charge as well as the right to rectification, refusal of access or deletion of your data where appropriate. In the event of questions regarding the collection, processing or use of your personal-related data and for information, the amendment, blocking or deletion of data and the revocation of consents granted, please contact our service team or send us a letter or fax in this respect.

Data Protection in the NOVIPLAN Employee Portal and in the App

Data protection is important to us!
The collection and processing of personal data always takes place in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations, in particular the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Information on the processing of personal data in the NOVIPLAN [e.portal] employee portal and in the NOVIPLAN [e.motion] app can be found here.

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